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‘Tis the season when toys take center stage, but for families facing hardships, it can be a time of stress and worry. If you or someone you know is struggling to get by, we are here to help.

Operation Christmas is a new initiative we are launching for those in need to alleviate the financial burden of the holiday season. Between November 22-30, 2023, we are accepting applications for Christmas gift assistance.



To provide ten (10) families in need across Northwest Ohio with gifts, fulfilling all of their Christmas wishes.


For Freedom employees to ‘adopt’ a family and use the opportunity to instill a sense of giving, compassion, and friendship with our own children.


Who is eligible to apply?

Any families that are suffering financial hardships within the Ohio communities we serve are invited to apply.

Is there a limit to the size of family that can apply?

No! Whether you’re a first time parent or have a tribe of many, we’re here to help you!

How will families be chosen?

All applicants will go into a random drawing to be made on December 1, 2023. Recipients will be contacted by a Freedom representative shortly after.

Are there any expectations for recipients?

Operation Christmas is a private and confidential initiative. Recipients will not be named or shared on any of our media channels, including social media and our website. Our objective is simply to help the less fortunate in our communities. 

For chosen families, a Freedom employee will work with you to develop a Christmas gift list. We will then purchase the gifts and notify you when they are ready for collection at our office in Woodville, OH. If you need assistance with delivery, we are more than happy to oblige!


Applications for 2023 are now closed. We look forward to helping more families next year!