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We offer a variety of commercial roofing services, including installation, repair, and replacement.

At Freedom Roofing, Windows and Siding, we have been involved in several commercial roofing projects since we first began offering roofing, window, and siding services. While we are located in Woodville, OH, Huntersville, NC snf Outerbanks, NC areas we have no problem traveling to locations that have learned about our quality workmanship. Some of our completed commercial roofing projects include:

Commercial Roofing in Woodville, Ohio

  • Bryan’s Treatment Center
  • Mill Springs historic mill in Mill Springs, Kentucky
  • Defense Supply Center of Columbus
  • Ludowici clay tiles on the Tappan Dam in Urichsville, Ohio
  • Delaware Army Corps of Engineers maintenance building
  • Veterans Affairs medical center in Bath, New York

We offer a variety of commercial roofing services, including commercial roof installation, commercial roof repair, and commercial roof replacement. Whether you need commercial roofing for a flat roof, such as a white reflective TPO roof, PVC flat roof, or asphalt roof, or you are interested in metal roofing or shingles, you can count on us to provide high-quality materials and excellent workmanship.

As a veteran- and family-owned commercial roofing company, we place a high value on performing all our work with a solid work ethic. We never use subcontractors who might not uphold our high standards for workmanship, accountability, or professionalism. Our team is just as dedicated to quality as we are because that is the only type of roofing professional that we hire!

If you have any questions about our commercial roofing services or if you need roofing, windows, or siding for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Commercial Roofing in Huntersville, NC
Commercial Roofing in Outer Banks, NC


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