5 Steps to Take if You Have a Roof Leak

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5 Steps to Take if You Have a Roof LeakRoof leaks can be damaging and stressful.  It is important to deal with the leak quickly when it happens to minimize the damage caused.  Here are some important steps to take if you have a roof leak.

  1. Move Your Belongings Out of the Way. If you are unable to move an object, then cover it with a plastic tarp or sheet to protect it from moisture.
  2. Contain the Water. Use a bucket to catch falling drops. If it is raining, it may be a good idea to also cover your roof with a tarp to prevent more water from entering your home.
  3. Drain the Water. If there is pooling water in the ceiling, take a screwdriver and puncture a small hole to drain the water and relieve pressure.  This small hole will be much easier to fix than a sagging or collapsed ceiling.
  4. Take Photos for Insurance Documentation. Snap photos of the damaged area as well as any of your belongings that were affected.  These will be very useful when filing a home insurance claim.
  5. Call a Professional Roofing Company. We can locate the problem and provide the needed repair.  To prevent additional problems, call as soon as possible. We will inspect the inside and outside of your roof and correctly assess and solve your problem.

Following these steps can help you get through this stressful situation. It is important to act quickly even if your leak doesn’t seem too serious.  Remember, a leak will never go away and unfortunately it will only grow larger. Give us a call at Freedom Roofing, Windows and Siding LLC if your roof is leaking or you want to prevent the headache of a roof leak with an inspection.