21-Point Inspection

Whether you are in urgent need of roof replacement, have experienced storm damage, or are simply curious about the health of your roof, it’s never a bad time to schedule your FREE inspection with Freedom.

Our 21-Point Inspection is designed to give you a thorough and honest assessment, accompanied by any recommended remedial action

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1) Check shingles for blistering, curling, cupping, or thermal cracking

2) Check for granular loss on shingles

3) Check for loose or missing shingles

4) Check for loose or exposed nails

5) Check unwrapped fascia board for damage or rot

6) Check condition of caulk around step and/or counter flashing

7) Check for missing flashing

8) Check for rusty or corroded flashing

9) Check for sagging on ridges

10) Examine chimney

11) Inspect pipe boots for cracking or dry rot

12) Inspect box or ridge vents

13) Check seals for skylights

14) Check gutters and downspouts

15) Inspect whole property for any storm damage

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16) Check roof decking for evidence of water ingress, dry rot, or sagging

17) Assess attic ventilation is sufficient

18) Ensure soffit is clear

19) Check bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans provide proper ventilation

20) Check for signs of leaks or water damage from penetrations

21) Check for general signs of water, including condensation, damp insulation, and mold

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